Monday, December 27, 2010


Integrity is the foundation of a successful life.  When our behaviors, actions, and choices are consistent with our deepest values, we gain the courage to be ourselves, and the confidence to ask for what we need.  To the extent that we haven't cleaned up the unfinished business from our past, we will unconsciously punish ourselves by withholding the love, success, and abundance we desire.

Resolving our integrity issues makes us feel worthy enough to manifest our dreams.

This Week's Assignment:

This week, take some time to look back over the past two years of your life.  Make a list of the relationships or situations where you haven't acted with complete integrity.  On a piece of paper, write the person's name, with a brief description of what you did or didn't do that left you feeling bad about yourself.

Next, close your eyes; take a couple of slow, deep breaths; and ask yourself, "What could I do to bring this situation back into balance and restore my own sense of integrity?"  Could you write a letter, deliver an apology, or contribute in some way to someone in need?  This action could involve the person directly, but it doesn't have to.

Design a plan of action to restore your integrity.

Give yourself 100 points for every integrity issue you resolve this week.

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