Tuesday, December 28, 2010


When I sat and thought about the past couple years to assess whether my integrity was flawed; I thought of my family and the relationships I have with my children and my husband.  I thought of my relationships with my siblings and felt that I could do a little better.

I thought about the times that I have been forgetful or neglectful.  I know sometimes I have thought that it won't matter if I forget to make a phone call on a birthday or if I choose not to send a note of thanks.  I have accumulated a list of things that I should have done and didn't. 

I can't go back and catch up on the neglect; I can start now by remembering my family on special occassions.  I can start now to recognize success in my children and giving them kudos.  I can start now to be grateful for the things that my husband has done.  I can start now to be less casual about my relationships with my family and show that they are of great value to me.  I can start now to put a plan in place to do the simple things like remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

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